House on Noio Street

The lanai, or outdoor living area, is a central concept to the House on Noio Street. Situated within Honolulu, the distinction between interior and exterior is blurred to create an atmosphere of outdoor living throughout the home. A cadence of scissor trusses form broad column-less overhangs that, along with operable walls, open the interior spaces to capture the breeze of the trade winds while being protected from the sun and rain. Anchoring the courtyard, a pool house gestures towards Diamond Head in the near distance, and opens on to the palm tree lined front lawn.

The Pool House is both a retreat from, and a stage for the Noio Street Residence. The form of the Pool House responds to the houses parti, the relationship to the sun, Diamond Head crater in the near distance, and also screens views to the adjacent street. Supported by heavy timber columns, the articulated roof is constructed with handcrafted glue-lam beam-trusses fastened with custom metal work. The Pool House is situated within a landscape, also renovated by H-1 F+N, of palm trees and grass berms that is home to the clients croquet matches. Back